Wednesday, January 30, 2008

MY CP garden in Kansas

I have learned so much more about CPs then I first tried to grow them in 60's and 80's.

I know more about all the factors (but still learning) to get them growing. I am really pleased how my CP garden grew in 2007. I have found the internet, books and correspondence emails from other CP people very helpful. Commercial growers and websites have been helpful too.

I like using my terrarium for my tropicals: (1) They are in one place (which makes my wife happy); (2) I think it helps keep the humidity in for my tropicals; (3) can view all at same time; (4) easy to water. But it is getting a little crowded though.

My pride an joy (well they all are really my pets!) is the N. Ampullaria (big plant you see here).
It is a lowland variety and has done very well. It keeps sprouting huge leaves and nice plump squarish like pitchers. Pitchers start out by growing on a long tendril.

The tip expands into a pitcher. Usually in this species then are sandy orange -red with speckles all around.

What is cute is there is a little strip like appendage off of the lip (on this one on the left). Not sure what they are for. Possibly a place for insects to step on to walk over so the lip/mouth of the pictcher? The pitchers last for a few weeks and then get brownish and wither away. I cut them off then so the there is more strength for the rest of the plant to produce more pitchers!

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