Sunday, December 2, 2007

How my CP garden grow

Growing CP (abbreviation for carnivorous plants) is one of my favorite hobbies.
Here is my current list (tropical and non-tropical)

Sundews: D. Adelae, D. Binata (multifork)
Tropical pitchers : N. Spectabilis, N. Bicalicarra, D.Spatula, , N. Ampularia,
Butterwort P. Primolinfloridia

(Outside ) VFT (Venus Flytraps regular D. Muscipula), S. Purpurea (NA pitcher) , Cobra Plant (D. California)

D. Binata (multifork) is doing great now with lots of dew on the forks.
N. Ampularia has all those nice pitchers growing and some 1.5 or more inches long!Very pretty I have two plants growing in one pot and I am thinking I will repot one but still thinking whether to do that.
D.Spatula has dew all over the place. A sister plant grew from original one and they are both still in the same pot. (Should I keep them together or when I repot separate one to another pot?)
VFT regular (D. Muscipula) - first year that I have been able to keep these buggers going. Nice and green from the Sun but having that inner reddish hue inside their traps so I know finally I have gotten them right. These have been regularly putting up new shoots . The traps have regularly chomped on insects and reopening after digesting their meals. What is nice is that some of the traps are nice and big.
S. Purpurea-
doing okay with many new buds that have grown so I can't complain . They are nice a light purple and green.
Cobra Plant (D. California)- Well I tried before and for better or worse decided to try again with these so called difficult plants. I thought maybe it was too hot in Kansas for them . I left them out in the sun with the VFT and S.Purp and they have done fine. But I think what helped to start them off was placing ice cubes in the morning and afternoon on top of the moss . Later on I stopped them for infrequent ice cubes and just top down water on them. Top down water is also recommended for the Ampularia and other Neps and many don't like sitting water in the bottom.