Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring has sprung, Carnivorous Plant flowers are appearing

Well Spring is here. My North American varieties are doing well while my Asian and year round plants are doing well in their terrarium.

My prize Ampullaria (left) is pitchering and has some really nice big pitchers. They are very pretty and have little spots on them.

The flower (near the top) is the pretty violet/lilac one from the Mexican Butterwort. I've always had trouble with them but now they are doing fine

with their glistening, waxy leaves.

Suddently, a VFT flower sprung up (left). Even a week later it has yet to open up.

At about the same time this absolutely huge flower like stalk from the S. Purpurea grew up. It is a huge green ball (left). The is the first time that I have had this plant produce flowers. I am happy as it did well last Spring. This flower means that it has made it through the hibernation season and hopefully ready to go outside soon.

It's been a week and it still has not opened. How long does it take?

The bladderworts are doing well and this is the first time I have tried to grow them. I know they are doing well because they started producing their pretty tiny orchid lilac flowers.