Thursday, September 25, 2008

the CPS are really active here in Kansas

My S.Purpurea (N. America pitcher) has grown four huge pitchers to go along with the other ones.

The rosette of pitchers have gradually grown since April. But the big pitchers have really arrived in September right before the colder weather.

Notice their bright reddish-purple veins .

More cobra pitchers have sprouted as well. They are still bright lime green.

They are difficult to grow but they have done well in the bright Kansas Sun nevertheless. The key I feel has been to cool their roots top down watering in the morning and usually later in the afternoon or night.

Meanwhile the big VFT have been going overtime. They have been catching flies and other insects constantly throughout the summer.

Some of flies with their outer shells seem like they have not even been digested but that process went on inside their bodies. (see the one at 9 o'clock)
A surprise greeting me when one trap opened again. Their were two flies in one trap! I could not take a decent picture of it before the rain came (trip is at the left bottom around 7 o'clock).

Friday, September 5, 2008


I have several of these buttworts. This is a common one P.Primuliflora.

Longish slender leaves with slickly curling lips on the side. A pretty light green they have slightly sticky surfaces and are able to capture small insects. Not as flashy as a Venus Fly Trap, but it does its job.

I now have several really small Pings that are growing. They are finally becoming noticeable.

It is difficult to identify this Ping. It has hairs on the edges of its oval shaped leaves.