Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My North American plants Hibernating

My North American plants (normally outside in the Sun) are the
VFT, Cobra and S.Purpurea (purple pitcher) are now hibernating during the winter.

They reside in front of terrarium between it and the window so they can weather the winter (hope this works).

Last year I did not give them enough water (I think) and they died. I could leave them outside but I feel the frequent blustery cold winds and chilling cold than plunges the temperature ever so often here in Kansas would kill them.

Cobras are not easy to grow. One before did not make it. But I wanted to see if I could get the Cobra to grow in the sunny Kansas weather. Supposedly are hard to keep, but mine did very well this year and more pitchers shot up so I must have been doing something right. The key I learned is keep the roots cool, do top down watering and don't let water sit around in the pot (more later about the cobra).

I just make sure I give the water and keep them in the dark area behind the terrarium. We shall see if this works and if the grow back and health once out of hibernation in March or April.

I was pleased also the VFT thrived in the Sun and did not shrivel away. Nice pink red in their lobes told me they were getting lots of sun which they like. They were snapped shut all the time so that told me insects were liking them too! Several opened to show the end of the meals and kept on catching more.

My S.Purpurea also great and sprouted new ones. I was pleased with it too. More to come about the sundews, butterworts, other things that went right and things that did not.

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