Saturday, June 21, 2008

Carnivorous plants under the Sun in Kansas and in terrarium

Outside, the CPS are doing well in the warm Kansas sun.
The Bigger VFTs are growing buds and traps capturing insects.

The S. Purpurea has a new sprout. The sprout grows and then slow the slit opens revealing the hairs on the inside edges.

The difficult going Cobra continues to do well in its second year. This year a big cobra started and several others sprouted. They start out bright lime green with their signature cobra style.They then slowly darken.

I also have a few cactus plants outside next to the CPs.

One has a nice reddish cactus flower.

Each morning it opens wide and closes during nighttime.

Very cute.

Tropicals are going in the terrarium some better some not so.

I made the mistake of repotting my beautiful N. Ampullaria when it was doing so well ( I thought it was time for repotting). Mistake and there is only one leaf left. I am hoping it rejuvenates itself.

These Mexican butterworts are a nice light green and are doing well in the watered spaghnum moss. Many continue to grow in the cluster. I have repotted some to possibly sell.

The Adelae sundew is best sundew with much dew on its many tendrils. The red flowers continue to grown.

Every once in awhile I would catch some ants and place them on the dew of the sundews. Usually the stalk will curl and encompass the insect.

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