Sunday, July 13, 2008

In the Kansas bright Sun, my CPs are doing well

In the Kansas bright Sun, my CPs are doing well.

Outside VFT1 has 7 new big traps, several which caught insects and are showing the results after digestion.

VFT2 is more of a cluster type and now has at least 15 VFTs of all sizes.

S. Purpurea (Northern Pitcher) is coming back strong this year after incubation. It has 4 new leaves , 3 old ones and 1 coming up.

The difficult Cobra is doing quite well. It has produced 11 new pitchers, with their bright green glistening hood.

Notice the cobra fangs on the inner side.

Also on the top are little "windows" of transpararent type material. The cobras have adapted over time to create these windows. Flying insects that go inside the underside of the cobra (lured by sweet nectar on the cobra inside) bump against the walls and are more likely to plummet into the well of the cobra below where the chemicals in their water moat break down the insect and use it for decomposition.

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