Tuesday, July 22, 2008

more pitchers sprouting and the inside bristle hairs

This pitcher grows like a plumpish sprout. (there is a smaller one in the photo below)

Notice the interesting purple veins that run down the sides.

The top is first closed and the the slit of the
crown opens up and unfurls the top of the pitcher.

Here you can see
* the inside purple veins

* Notice the spike like hair on the inside lips of this North American Pitcher.

(1) Why did the pitcher develop these?

Supposedly their is a sweet scent on the inside lips of the crown of pitcher. Insect are attracted to it as food is.

The hairs on the inside lips of the pitcher point downward. Insect stepping on the inside of the pitcher are forced to go down as these sharp hairs impede their ability to go back up.

* Eventually the insects fall into the opening below which is filled with water and chemicals. They drown and their bodies are broken down to be used by the plant for nutrients.

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